2004-11-05 @ 12:26 p.m.
you're everything I hoped for/ everything I worship and adore

first two paragraphs are from an email to Hill
No word from SAVE or CO. C'est la vie. I'll hear back about vicki's tomorrow or sat, i think. I am actually looking forward to working there. It would be a kick ass discount and I'd have first grabs on their semi annual and I get play with make up and look pretty and cool. And 25 hours is cake. I wish I could wait on the training, but that's the night they're doing it, so that's the night I'll go. I'm still giving myself a week off in between. This is assuming I didn't fail the do you steal, do drugs, or get into brawls with your coworkers phone test. I don't think I did, I passed for lenscrafters. If I did, there's always macy's.

I am trying to not freak out about the dollies. For some reason, that's where my panic has been centered around. Everything that needed to be sent out, was and I am not late on any of my deadlines. Arguably with Blue, but there's been no exchange of money and we're seeing them for dinner next week and I can give her hers then. I guess that where my anxiety is centering around because it's the easiest place to go. I always feel guilty when I don't sew and I go out and I need to not feel that way. Everything will get done in time.

Poll Results on the last poll are posted. Funnily, it's the people who are not involved who had the biggest share of the opinions and they were split pretty evenly. Interesting. New poll up. Go vote.

Yesterday I was nervous and panicky. Counting my blessings helped, but by the time I was on my way home I was feeling nervous and decidedly unblessed. So I called Josh and he gave me one of his pep talks and I felt a lot better. He usually nine out of ten times knows exactly what to say,so it helped a lot. I was going to stay in and sew and we'd eat left overs in our very messy house, but he said we should go out and it did feel like something that would help. So we went and sent our computer in to be fixed and then went to the store to get stuff for my gift bag for shawn -- she's going to a pitch fest in LA to pitch her script. So I got her diva stuff -- chocolates, sleep mask, ear plugs, evian atomizer, People magazine, travel mug, mini Bellevdere's (inside joke between us), antistress spray and put it all in a clear old navy bag that's in the shape of a spider. I hope she likes it. Tonight I'm leading a ritual for her to Oshun.

So then we went to OMR and it was just splendid. Josh took my coat and pulled out my chair, like out of one of my old movies. I swear, sometimes I feel like I'm dating an older guy because josh has *all* the older man privledges. The host came up to us (and he was hawt) and said that he hadn't seen that done in years and I should keep him. ::grins:: So we're sitting and talking and I'm drinking red wine when Sinatra's Fly Me to the Moon came on and we both look at each other and grin because we have a rule about sinetra and he gets up and holds his hands out to me and we start dancing and he twirls me and dips me and we sit back down, though I hear some people clapping. ::more besotted grinning:: I had a beautiful duck with a small pumpkin filled with risotto and then we had cake because you have to. We went home . . .I try not to overshare but sometimes it's really, really hard. This is one of those times.

Feeling: Besotted
Rumblebug song: Fly Me to the Moon

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